Cranberry Resort



About Cranberry Resort

The Cranberry Resort was built in 1947 and was extensively remodeled in 2006. The facility consists of a 1 story building, containing 3900 square feet of restaurant and bar floor space, as well as a 1900 square foot outdoor patio.  The facility has a capacity of 130 for inside dining, and another 100 can be served on its patio during accommodating weather conditions.  The bar is 25 feet long providing seating for an additional 14 customers, and can open its stage setting to the entire facility.

To many people, the name “Cranberry Resort” has become synonymous with Indian Lake.  For generations, people who vacationed at or just passed through Indian Lake would visit the famous “Cranberry Resort” as somewhat of an annual pilgrimage.  Often, however, it would become a regular eating and drinking destination for visitors once they learned of its good food and hospitable atmosphere.

Prior to its operation by the present owners, the facility was known for almost 3 decades as “Billy’s World Famous Cranberry Resort.”  The history – and legend – of Cranberry Resort has roots even deeper than old Billy.  Before it became known as “Billy’s World Famous Cranberry Resort,” the restaurant was owned for many years by a fellow named Dusty Rhodes.  Quite naturally, the place was called “Dusty Roads.” It specialized in shrimp and chicken baskets.  It gained its reputation early on as an oasis where one could get a drink when visiting the nearby marina, or just a place to get off the dusty roads.

Cranberry Resort is a quaint restaurant nestled on a string of islands in the middle of Indian Lake in western Ohio, with an address of 9667 State Route 368, Huntsville, Ohio. The little village of Huntsville is actually located about four miles from the restaurant, and is one of 9 towns or villages which surround Indian Lake.

About Indian Lake

The Indian Lake area was originally a cluster of natural lakes situated on the Miami River. As the continental glaciers left Ohio, chunks of ice broke free, melted, and formed water-filled depressions called kettle lakes. The resultant shallow, marshy, natural lakes in this region covered an area of 640 acres. Among these were Old Indian Lake, Otter Lake, Black Lake, Sheep Pen Lake, Brush Lake, and Little Lake.

Today, Indian Lake is a 5,800 acre lake which offers unlimited horsepower boating and features four public ramps and boat docks for rent. Large wetlands known locally as the “game preserve” remain in the northeastern part of Indian Lake, and navigational channels have been cut through this area. These wetlands provide unique habitat for game fish, furbearers, waterfowl, and turtles. Indian Lake itself is home to largemouth bass, saugeye, white bass, crappie, bluegill, walleye, yellow perch and catfish, and fishing is one of the many aquatic activities available in this area. Weekend tournaments draw fishing boats and fishing enthusiasts from many parts of Ohio and nearby states. In addition, Indian Lake is well-known for year around recreation offering beaches, bicycle trails, hiking, camping, state park facilities, hunting, snowmobiling, ice skating and ice boating.

Volunteers work diligently to keep the waters of Indian Lake beautiful. The surrounding area includes a complete cross section of living opportunities, ranging from unique resort homes, fine condominium communities, lakeside residences and gated communities, to the multiple RV parks surrounding the lake. Indian Lake is a special and unique place to live, spend a vacation, rent an island or a cottage, have a retreat or enjoy a honeymoon. Surrounded by the villages of Lakeview, Russells Point, Huntsville, Belle Center and Roundhead, Indian Lake is an excellent location for Cranberry Resort Waterfront Bar & Grill™.